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Classes in Berkeley, CA

Embodiment Classes

During class we’ll:

Suggested, but not required, reading: 1) The Intuitive Body and 2) Leadership Embodiment—both books are by Wendy Palmer and available on

Taught by Joan Marie Passalacqua,
Applied Anatomy Institute founder,
Certified Leadership Embodiment Coach,
and student of Wendy Palmer.

"It is rare to find someone with Joan Marie's extraordinary gift - the ability to apply a deep understanding of mechanics and structure with a highly developed intuitive sense."
-Wendy Palmer, Sixth degree black belt in Aikido, author of The Intuitive Body and Leadership Embodiment

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Qigong Classes

During class we’ll use breath and gentle, whole-body movements to:

You’ll learn how to draw in fresh energy and help it move freely throughout your body.

Taught by Joan Marie Passalacqua,
Applied Anatomy Institute founder,
Certified Wild Goose Qigong Teacher,
and student of Medical Qigong Master, Dr. Bingkun Hu, Ph.D.

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Anatomy Classes

Taught by Joan Marie Passalacqua,
Applied Anatomy Institute founder,
Certified Massage Practitioner

Sponsored class information below.

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Unless otherwise indicated, Applied Anatomy Institute classes and workshops are held at: 2700 Eighth Street, Berkeley, California 94710

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Driving directions to 2700 Eighth Street, Berkeley

Eighth Street is parallel to San Pablo Avenue and three blocks towards the bay from San Pablo Avenue. (If numbered, San Pablo Avenue would be Eleventh Street.
The cross street is Carleton. Carleton is parallel to Ashby Avenue between Ashby and University Avenue. Carleton is about six blocks north of Ashby and ten blocks south of University.

Choice of exits from INTERSTATE 80:

EXIT at ASHBY AVE. towards the hills and get into left lane as soon as possible at the first signal light, turn

LEFT onto Seventh St. and go about six blocks to

turn RIGHT onto Carleton go to the next cross street

turn RIGHT onto Eighth St. and you are at 2700 Eighth Street

EXIT UNIVERITY AVE. toward the hills and get into right lane as soon as possible at the bottom of overpass,

turn RIGHT onto Sixth St. and go about 8 blocks to 5-way intersection,

take SOFT RIGHT onto 7th St. go two blocks to

turn LEFT onto Carleton go to the next cross street

turn RIGHT onto Eighth St. and you are at 2700 Eighth Street
(If parking is tight, check out Seventh Street between Pardee & Carleton.)

About the Applied Anatomy Institute

Joan Marie ''JM'' Passalacqua, founder and instructor for the Applied Anatomy Institute, has studied anatomy and bodywork formally and informally all of her life. She has taught human anatomy and developed educational programs in various California institutions since 1981.

JM’s experience includes 13 years in clinical injury recovery and rehabilitation and 2 years in dissection labs. The author of numerous study guides on anatomy, she also wrote a series of articles on sports massage for the San Francisco Chronicle. A certified massage practitioner since 1983, JM is known for her injury recovery work with professional athletes.

"I enjoy making the subject of human anatomy come alive! The biggest reward is seeing complex, technical information put to practical use through the hands of my students." - JM Passalacqua

Joan Marie Passalacqua: Applied Anatomy Institute is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider. #450456-07

Reviews from her peers

"JM conveys complex and difficult information in a way that is easy to absorb. She creates a fun atmosphere for learning and exploration while maintaining the integrity of the subject matter." -Ellen Mossman, C.M.T.

"The presence and focus that Joan Marie brings to anatomy makes learning the details interesting and engaging. I've gained experiential knowledge that has helped my work be more effective." -Hilary Tayeb, N.C.T.M.B.

Massage and Bodywork

JM’s practice is open to new clients.
For more information, please contact me at or 510-843-2270.

Classes and Workshops Tailored to Your Anatomical Interests

Private Classes: 1-4 students
Sponsored Workshops: 5+ students

• choose the anatomy topics you want to study
• include palpation and movement if you wish
• request specific dates and times
• continuing education certificates upon completion

Your topics-- Let me know what anatomy you'd like to study and we can plan a format and time that suits your needs.

"JM has an exceptional grasp of applied anatomy gained through many years of study and practical experience. More importantly, she has a unique ability to teach. I highly recommend her courses."

- Tracy Thompson, MD
Internal Medicine and Pain Management

"Joan Marie is an outstanding teacher. She makes anatomy fun and fascinating. The depth of her knowledge is impressive. The way she uses models and hands-on demonstrations appeals to me as a bodyworker. I really 'get it' when in her class, and leave eager to practice my new skills."

-Melissa Malm, AMTA Golden Gate Unit, NCTMB

Sponsored Workshops

Sponsored workshops are for 5 or more people

The topics listed below, or variations of them, are available for sponsorship. Certificates for CE hours are given upon completion of sponsored workshops.

"Since 1984, I have observed Joan Marie's enthusiasm and dedication to learning and passing on the knowledge of the healing arts. She is an excellent teacher and practitioner."- Donald A. Chu, Ph.D., R.P.T., Consultant in Physical Therapy and Performance Enhancement

Topics for sponsored workshops include, but are not limited to:

Rotator Cuff
Brachial Plexus
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Elbow epicondylitis
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Intervertebral and Facet Joints
Vertebral Column and Ribs
Back: Structure, Function & Pathology
Muscles of the back
Ligaments of the Back
Pelvis: Structure, Function & Pathology
Ligaments of the Pelvis
Muscles of the Pelvis
Ligaments of the Hip
Meniscii and Ligaments of the Knee
Ankle Sprains
Plantar Fasciitis

Rental Room

The Applied Anatomy Institute classroom is available for rent.
• private street-level entrance and accessible bathroom
• wood floor and small meditation garden
• easy access from Interstate 80
• fees vary upon frequency and duration of use
• written rental agreement

If you would like more information, please email us at or call 510-843-2270.

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